2003 Next Time, Voice Over


dialogue (girl and boy)

he Do you remember?

she Hmh?

he You know.

she Yes.

he Last time–our walk.- It was beautiful.

she Yes.

he You are also very beautiful, the way you’re lying there.

she Yes? (laughs)– You’re a charmer.

he No, really. To me you’re the most beautiful girl of all.

she Do you really mean that, or are you just saying so?

he You are objectively beautiful.

she Really? Ouch. (He pinches her)

he I love you.

she Stop it. You have a strange way of confessing your love.

he And do you have feelings for me, too?

she Would I lie here otherwise?

he Why can’t you be romantic. she To me you’re something very special.

he Where are you going?

she Home-Are we going to see each other tomorrow?