2001 The sleeping girl, Voice Over


Yes, Richards from Bamburger Insurance, Good afternoon Ms Schnitt, Ms Schnitt, a while ago, last year, I came and saw you and we spoke about an occupational disability insurance, as far as I remember, yes, and I believe I even sent you something about this, if I remember rightly, and asked you on this occasion if you could return my ballpoint pen to me. Perhaps you could simply call me back at 0175-3138795 or 502989 as it is really very important to me, and I can definitely come and pick it up myself, I’d just like to have it back, and it doesn’t matter, if you have decided against the insurance, if you say it is not really something for me after all, however if you’re still not sure I would be happy for us to talk about it again... yes, thank you.

I just received a message from my colleague that you called at twelve fifteen and I now have a note to say that you do have further questions pertaining to the pension scheme and life- insurance in regards to the previous offer, now I don’t know exactly what it is that you would like to know, we should, I think, get together again, and then you won’t need to send me the ball point pen, I will collect it myself, we can talk about it again, about the perfect insurance scheme for your situation, what it is, exactly, that you would like, and, I would ask you simply to call me about this matter, or leave me a number where you can be contacted during the day. In any case you can get in touch with me anytI me at, as I mentioned before, 0175-3138795. Thank you.