1995 Hello Ms. Schnitt, Voice Over


Hello Ms. Schnitt, this is Stov, Am Hof 3. I just wanted to tell you for the sake of good order, that on May, 19th, around 8 or 8.30 in the morning on the right hand of the house, repairs will be carried out on the water pipes. And the main faucet is located in your cellar. Once you were so very kind to trust us with your cellar key. I just wanted to inform you for the sake of good orde rthat as long as the work lasts we will turn off the faucet, we will close your cellar and afterwards lock everything again,and we thank you very much in advance, Ms. Schnitt. -– peep

Hello, ms. Schnitt, this is Stov calling again. My husband has already talked to you in detail about it, and we would like to ask you again, that you should absolutely take note that neither above, left, right, nor over your sink should you not nail, drill or fix srews etcetera. The water pipes are located there as well as the drainage pipe and the electric wiring. We urge you to absolutely take note of this and if you have any questions concerning this matter please call us.– peep

Good evening, Ms. Schnitt, this is Mrs. Stov. I just wanted to ask you and at the same time inform you, that last Sunday, yes, I believe it was this Sunday past there were...some Jehovah`s witnesses in the house and they were also up here. But we took care of them right away. And then the ladies went downstairs and we could hear that they tried to open several toilet doors in the hallway on the first floor. And to our surprise they succeeded in opening your toilet door. We would like to ask you in your own interest and in ours to help keep the door closed because you never know who will go in there. So, if you could make sure that your toilet door...peep

Ms. Schnitt, good morning, this is Stov. We have one question. Some time ago you picked up the spare key for your toilet, because you forgot yours on your vacation. Now our question is, do you have it back again? Or how do you ...Have you got the key back in the meantime? Could you inform us? And Then I really must ask you to confirm this phone call.But for your information we would just like to tell you it would be inconceivable if this key were to be lost. And if the one which you are using now were to be lost as well there would be no possibility of entering your toilet, and no locksmith could...peep

Ms. Schnitt, one more thing. As I said it would be inconceivable if these keys were to be lost,because no locksmith could help then. Maybe you have already realized that it is a special and unique key. And if the key is lost one could not get a carpenter these days to break open the toilet door, or it would be extremely expensive. And furthermore, it would be really kind if you could confirm this call. Because...we would agree to have a new duplicate key made, if you... against invoice which we would reimburse you. Please do confirm this call, because it would really be unthinkable... peep